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Basic Credit Transfer Procedures 

Domestic and foreign university transfer credit policies and procedures are not identical. For example, in North American, most universities meet or exceed the requirements of the course grade C can only accept the transfer credits, not included in GPA; while some schools accept D and above to be transfer credits. Some schools require writing course credits must be earned in their own schools. Some schools require CDGDC certification before transfer credits. Student’s home university makes the final decision on whether to accept the credit from our summer schools.

Base on the questions and problems we received from students in the North America, we have listed an instruction to secure accurate credit transfer policies and procedures. All students, be sure to consult the admission office of your school. Please begin to apply as early as possible to avoid any delay for the summer school enrollment.

Step 1 

Inform your academic advisor your intention to participate in NAIS courses, and submit the course syllabus. Academic advisors generally assess summer program from the following aspects: program properties, syllabus, professors, and the course length. They will provide you with up-to-date information.

Please Note: If you are a high school student who has already been accepted by a university, you need to consult your future school about credit transfer policies. Generally, you can find the instruction on the university’s official website, just search for the keyword "Credit Transfer" or "Study Abroad" to find the relevant page.

Please Note: Before the summer session begins, you must contact the Study Abroad Office, Admission Office, Office of Registrar or a relevant office of your home university to assess and confirm the course you choose. Normally, it is a simple process and you will know how many credits you will obtain. NAIS provides documents including but not limited to syllabus, professor information, and program certifications.

Step 2

According to the results of academic communication, and necessary completion of the credit transfer procedures, students have to fill out the Credit Conversion Application Form or Petition Form, etc., to obtain credit transfer approval (Pre- approval).

Please Note: Some college academic advisors may require you to fill out the course name and course number from NAIS, which are correspondent to your home universities' courses. In this case, you can download our syllabus or consult the corresponding faculties / department academic advisor dean / director. In general, they will tell you what NAIS courses correspond with your institutions' specific courses.

Step 3

After the completion of the credit transfer procedures, and receiving approval from your school, you can start the registration process for NAIS. You can begin selecting courses after the registration. Some popular courses may be full prior to the enrollment deadline. We strongly encourage you to select more courses for approval to maximize course selection. After the end of the program, NAIS will send an official transcript directly to the address you registered within 2-4 weeks.

Please Note: Under normal circumstances, after summer school transcript is sent to your school’s relevant department, the school will complete the credit transfer based on the application you filed. Some school might ask academic advisor to conduct interview with you to complete the credit transfer process.

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